“A-CONSTRUCTİON LTD” LLC (TIN: 1801184511) was received to the state registration in May 2010.

Main fields of its activity consist of construction and fitting of buildings and properties. In addition, the company is busy with the import and wholesale of construction materials, spare parts for vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Special agreement (Licence) has been got for constructing residential and non-residential buildings.

The company played an important role in the construction and goods-material delivery of national importance properties including administrative buildings for Baku Olympic Stadium and SOCAR.

During the activity years, the company carried out trading, work, and service operations with various companies and organizations such as The Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan Republic ( the construction and fitting of various appointed equipment and devices) ; Social Development Fund of Forced Migrants (repair process in 45 public living buildings whose guaranty period was over) ; Azerbaijan Republic, The Ministry of Labour and People Social Protection (construction of individual houses for the families of the invalid and martyrs ) ; "SOCAR PETROLEUM" CJSC (construction,fitting and repair process in Gas Station Networks belonging to CJSC) ; "INŞAAT SERVISEZ" LLC (constructing cold water distribution and transmission systems on Caspian Waterfront Project) ; Azerbaijan Agency of Turkey "Tekfen Inşaat ve Tesisat Anonim şirketi" (on the construction projects of administrative buildings for Baku Olympic Stadium and SOCAR); "MKT Production Commercial" LLC (agricultural machinery and spare parts sale); SOCAR Transportation Department (various car spare parts sale) and other establishments and organizations. Various machinery and machinery-mechanisms are used while carrying out the affairs and providing services.

In the work process, extra machinery and equipment are obtained in accordance with the necessity for temporary usage. On an average 359 workers including high-level specialists work in the company.

There has not been any dispute with establishments, organizations and relevant state authorities, at the same time there have not been any court trials. Business activity of the company has been covered with control by relevant regulatory agencies and the high-level specialists of the Chamber of Auditors have given a positive conclusion to the financial activity of the company.